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Dynamic Website Development

Welcome.  Classic Page Works specializes in creating dynamic and effective websites for small businesses and individuals.

  • Do you need scripting for special effects?
  • Do you need custom form processing?
  • Do you need a database for dynamic content?

Classic Page Works uses PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and DHTML techniques to build websites with impact.  

Try the style switching links on the left-side-bar of this Home page.  Switching styles is fun, but it's not just for fun.  If a site's design is hard to read, it would be best to offer an alternate easy-to-read style for those visitors who need it. So you can have red text on a black background if you really want it.  Classic Page Works provides alternate style sheets as part of it's standard package just for that reason.  And that works!   ...in IE, Chrome, Firefox, ...but not in Opera.

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More special effects coming soon to other pages.